• Service and Price list

  • 2017 Services and Pricing

     Limousine Flat Rates

    Get There, Get Home                                                                        $125.00

    Arrive and Depart in style in your own 8-passenger limousine.

    Service includes a single pickup location in Bakersfield Area.

    No stops.  Point A to Point B travel only.


    Dinner, Get There, Get Home                                                           $175.00       

    Pick up & enjoy any local dinner, drop off

    at dinner & etc. and home after a 8-passenger limousine (3 hr Max).




    Disneyland     One way (5 hours)                                                                                       $400.00

    Disneyland     All Day (based on 16 hours)                                                                         $850.00


    Los Angeles/Fresno Venues -  Staples Center, Hollywood Bowl, SaveMart Center, etc. 

    $600.00 Mon-Thur black limo 750.00 Fri-Sun 7 hr max Additional fee $75.00 black limo




    Las Vegas     One Way (10 hours)                                                                               $800.00


    Magic Mountain     Drop Off/Pick-Up (Based on 6 hours)                                                 $450.00

    Magic Mountain     Round Trip (13 hours)                                                                      $750.00


    Pismo Beach / McClintocks     Based on 8 hours                                                             $500.00


    Mid State Fair     Based on 6 hours                                                                               $450.00

    Birthday Package
    The Birthday Package includes two hours of limousine service. Includes complimentary soft drinks, champagne and bar. 
    Super stretch / 8-10 passengers   $150.00
     black limo
    Super stretch / 8-10 passengers   $200.00 white limo

     Bakersfield Nightlife- $500.00 black limo

              $600.00 White limo     

    8 passengers 

    Includes 6 hours of service to the clubs of your choice. Includes fully stocked, complimentary bar, complimentary champagne and soft drinks. 

    *A $50.00 deposit is required to guarantee reservation.  Balance is due one week prior to reservation date.


    Limousine Flat Rates:


    Airports & Cruise Ports (All inclusive fees - excluding gratuity)


    Bakersfield Airport - One way Transfer   - $ 60.00 black limo $ 70.00 white limo

    Burbank Airport - One way   (4 hours)   - $250.00 black limo 350 white limo

    Burbank Airport - Round trip (8 hours)  - $495.00 black limo 600.00 white limo

    Fresno Airport - One Way   (5 hours)     - $300.00

    Fresno Airport - Round Trip (10 hours) - $525.00

    LAX - One way  (6 hours)      - $450.00 black limo $500.00 white limo ( Mon-Thur) 

                          $500.00 Black Limo $600.00 White limo (Fri-Sun)


    Cruise  (8 passenger limo only at these rates)


    San Pedro/Long Beach - One way (6 hours)       - $425.00 Black Limo $500.00 White Limo 

    Wine Tours


    Wine Tasting Tour (9 Hours)  

    Spend a day tasting fine wines at some of California's very best Central Coast wineries. Your nine hour day includes a complimentary bottle of champagne, a stocked bar including water, soft drinks. Your trip includes five hours of wine tasting at (3) finest wineries of your choice and lunch stop


    8 Passenger Limousine: $650.00 black limo $750.00 white limo




    The Coastal Package (11hour) 

    The Coastal Package is a eleven hour trip which travels to Paso Robles for wine tasting, southbound along the coastline to Pismo Beach where you might enjoy dinner or a walk on the pier and returns through the scenic Highway 166 to Bakersfield. This trip includes a complimentary bar, complimentary soft drinks and a complimentary bottles of champagne. 

    8 passengers   $850.00 black limo & 950.00 white limo

    Tehachapi Wine Tasting $ 400.00 black limo $500.00 white limo  (4hr)


    Pismo Beach (8hours)

    Upon your arrival in Pismo, you will be dropped off at any place of your choice. 

    8 passengers  $600.00 black limo $700.00 white limo


    Bakersfield Local Area:

    Black Limo $60.00 white Limo $70.00 Mon-Thur 

    Black Limo $70.00 White Limo $80.00 Fri-Sun


    Deposit Information

    A $50.00 non-refundable deposit is required with reservation. Payment is required in full one week before the date of service and is refundable with 72 hours notice, except for initial deposit. Payment will not be refunded if the cancellation occurs less than 72 hours 

    Guaranteed Reservations Only with Deposit

    We will not guarantee a reservation without a $50.00 deposit charged on a major credit card

    Entertainment Venues